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    Safe and Affordable Piano Removalists in Perth – Guaranteed Satisfaction, 15+ Years Experience

    Perth’s Most Trusted Piano Removalists – Best Movers & Packers Perth is your go-to option for local and interstate piano removal service. Our trusted and well-trained Piano Removalists Perth have years of expertise in serving homeowners, corporate clients, and businesses with musical instruments and other goods including pool tables and furniture.

    Our Best Movers Perth, team makes every stage of the piano relocation process with proper safety and security our priority. Your Piano and its belongings will be loaded and transported to its new place safely. We use high-quality piano pads, straps, and ratchets that help us to keep your piano safe while loading and transportation.

    Happy and Satisfied Customers
    sam mathew
    sam mathew
    Jeff and khan were amazing. Top removalist in business.
    Sonia Blake
    Sonia Blake
    Phenomenal team of three men were sent to us and moved us out of one home into the other in just two loads. They were professional, efficient, careful and friendly. Would highly recommend the team to anyone in need. Thank you for exceptional service.
    Pam Kanth
    Pam Kanth
    Absolutely fabulous service. Best bit was their professionalism and communication. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Thanks Garry
    S Smith
    S Smith
    Excellent value for money. Jeff and Shaun are the fastest removalists we’ve used; highly recommend using them.
    Lucy Robinson
    Lucy Robinson
    Really fantastic packers and movers. Punctual, hardworking and switched on. Thanks Sy and Kyle for doing such a great job.
    Fadzai Nhira
    Fadzai Nhira
    Team was friendly and helpful and no damage to goods. Highly recommended
    Shazib Adnan
    Shazib Adnan
    Friendly and efficent staff.
    tsshaun Sunyasi
    tsshaun Sunyasi
    Excellent service.. spot on time and finished in two hours. Good and rapid and all our stuff were safely transported. The guys were friendly and very helpful as well. I will use Best Movers & Packers again and again. I highly recommend these guys. Absolutely amazing. Garry is very understanding and does his best to accommodate us at the time we requested.

    Why Choose Best Movers Packers Perth?

    Best Movers packers Perth is a family-run moving company for all moving needs in Perth. Here are some reasons why you should choose us as your piano removalist.

    • Years of piano moving experience: Taking advantage of our decades-long piano moving experience we are best at our Piano moving task. We have been moving pianos locally, regionally, and across Perth for many years.
    • Professionalism and Trust: We are proud of the services that we offer to our clients with great satisfaction. Our team of professionals puts in their deep efforts to establish professionalism, honesty, and trust with our clients.
    • Competitive pricing: Being a professional removalist, we know what to charge from our clients. You will find our piano removal prices competitive in Perth.
    • Property Protection: During the relocation, we take great care to secure your piano and avoid causing any harm to your belongings. Our goal is to keep your asset safe while offering a professional piano moving service with a kind attitude.

    We go Above and Beyond, Choose Our Comprehensive Piano Moving Services

    For Businesses And Corporate Clients

    For Businesses And Corporate Clients

    We work with corporate clients, such as the Symphony Orchestra, music and piano merchants/retailers, and others. We collaborate closely with the company’s contact liaison, putting punctuality first and providing them with smooth instrument logistics for concerts, productions, and various other removal services.

    For Home Owners

    For Home Owners

    In case, you are looking for Piano Removalists to move your piano temporarily during renovations, relocate it within your house, or deliver it to a new place across Perth, regionally, or nationally, Best Movers & Packers Perth will provide great service. We can safely relocate your pianos to your new location.

    Comprehensive Piano Services

    Comprehensive Piano Services

    Explore our entire variety of piano options, which includes piano removals, safe climate-controlled storage, tailored repair, and access to licensed piano tuners that best fit your needs. We have everything you need to securely relocate your upright piano, grand piano, pianola, digital piano, or harpsichord.

    Ready For a Smooth Piano Moving Experience?

    Our Swift Piano Moving Process

    Our process of moving a piano is very safe. Check here the steps that we follow for the best piano removal procedure.

    • Evaluation: We start by getting to know the specifics of your transfer, such as the kind of piano you have (grand, upright, or pianola), and the beginning and destination locations (whether they are in the same town or a different one).
    • Dismantling and Packing: Our experts will dismantle and pack the piano as per your moving needs. Packets for small-distance moves are packed differently than those for long-distance moves.
    • Loading: After that, your piano will be expertly placed into our specially designed vehicle and fastened with premium piano pads, straps, and ratchets to ensure a secure transfer to a new location.
    • Secure Transportation: Your piano gets transported to the new location securely.
    • Unloading And Final Check: The box is unloaded at your given address and if you want you can ask for assistance in unpacking the box and tuning the piano. This completes our piano moving process.
    Our Swift Piano Removalists Process in Perth

    How Best Movers & Packers Perth Works


    Create your request

    We require you to submit your work details so that we can evaluate the requirements, and our availability and estimate the quote for your job.


    Arrange collection and delivery

    After a confirmed schedule, we arrange the collection and delivery of your piano on the given date ensuring safety and security.


    Delivery and Greeting

    At the delivery location, we complete the moving process without any issues, kindly hand in the boxes labelled with your name and carefully unpack your belongings.

    Types Of Pianos And How We Can Help Them In Moving

    Whether you would like your piano or musical instrument to be moved within the city or to a far location, our team at Best Movers & Packers Perth will be there to help you every step of the way. Discover the various types of pianos we move and how our services cater to each:

    • Upright Pianos: These small and more portable pianos are often found in people’s homes, schools, and churches because they are compact and affordable. We provide careful transportation and handling to effectively and securely transport upright pianos without harm to them during the relocation process.
    • Grand Pianos: Grand Pianos, due to their elegance and the better sound quality, are a one-of-a-kind possession. Our team of professionals knows how to transport the precious grand pianos very carefully to their new position, without any risk of damaging them.
    • Baby Grand Pianos: A space-efficient version of grand pianos, baby grands maintain elegance and sound quality in a smaller footprint, making them suitable for various settings.
    • Digital Pianos: Pianos that are portable and electric provide you with a contemporary alternative to a traditional acoustic piano. Our team is skilled in executing the custom features of digital pianos which are being transported safely with absolutely no harm to their electronic parts.
    • Organs: Being the most powerful instrument in popular music, the organ is one of the favourite sounds of classical and church songs. Our professional staff members have expertise in organ transportation to make sure it is operated securely.
    • Harpsichords: Well-renowned for their unique ‘pluck opera’, harpsichords are historical instruments esteemed for their extraordinary qualities of sound. Our team takes all the necessary steps while moving the harpsichords to preserve the harmonic structure of the instruments and also to maintain their exquisite sound quality.

    We are responsible for packing, handling, storage, and transit of the instruments from door to door. This way, the priceless instruments can last long and their owners can enjoy them for a long time.

    Piano Removals Made Easy Within Perth

    Our process of moving your piano is very safe. We’ve created a straightforward, frictionless, and client-focused piano removal procedure. This is how it works:

    • Step: Speak with us
      You will be communicating with the piano removal experts handling your relocation directly, whether by phone or email, which ensures effective communication. If you are worried about the terrain and access to the piano will be travelling over, you can give us some pictures or one of our helpful staff members may visit the area to look things over and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.
    • Step: Evaluation and quotation
      We start by getting to know the specifics of your transfer, such as the kind of piano you have (grand, upright, or pianola), the beginning and destination locations (whether they are in the same town or a different one), and any obstacles to entry, such as steep roads or stairs. We can send you a clear, fast quote with this information. There are no additional fees or charges above the amount we offer for your relocation.
    • Step: Adaptable timetable
      From there, a reservation may be arranged at a time that works for you, with an emphasis on adaptability to make accommodations for everyone. We’ll provide you with an approximate delivery time before we go so you can track the progress of your piano transfer and the time it will arrive at its new location.
    • Step: On removal day, ensure safe removal and prompt updates
      We will notify you by courtesy text message on the day of your relocation about any delays in our arrival caused by traffic or unknown reasons. To remove your piano, our experts will use specially designed piano trolleys that can be used on carpets, tiles, and hardwood floors. After that, your piano will be expertly placed into our specially designed vehicle and fastened with premium piano pads, straps, and ratchets to ensure a secure transfer to a new location.
    • Step: Secure transportation and arrival evaluation
      We will perform a full examination as soon as we arrive to ascertain the safest and most effective method of piano removal. Our primary goal is to ensure that your piano is in capable hands, gets transported to your new location securely and that there is no chance of harm coming to the piano, the surrounding property, or the persons involved.
    Easy and Affordable Piano Removalists Services in Perth

    Hear From Our Happy Customers, Why They Trust Us

    Ready For a Smooth Piano Moving Experience?

    Safeguarding your belongings with our Insurance coverage

    Being a professional moving company, we understand the importance of safeguarding your belongings during relocation. Our comprehensive moving insurance coverage ensures that your valuable items are protected against unforeseen events such as damage, loss, or theft. Trust us to provide peace of mind throughout your move.
    You can check our Terms & Conditions to know more .

    How Much Do Piano Removalists Cost in Perth?

    Piano removal cost in Perth will depend on certain factors such as type, weight, and moving distance. For local moves, the average rates usually range from $150 to $800 and upright pianos are less expensive than highlight grand pianos. A relocation for an organ or an upright piano can cost between $150-$220, whereas a relocation for a grand piano or baby grand piano could be from $300-$800.

    Interstate moves of 600 to 900 km long distances require extra fuel and time, and therefore are more expensive in comparison to intrastate or local ones. For example, transporting an organ or upright piano will cost between $300 to $700, whereas transporting a grand piano or baby grand piano can range between $800 to $1500.

    Moreover, the issue of disassembling those heavier grand pianos can influence the final cost. The cost of transporting pianos to higher floors also includes an additional charge ranging between $150 to $300. These charges are attributed to special equipment and expert handling. Being aware of these factors will help you in budgeting and planning.

    Quick, Safe, and Reliable Perth to Perth and Interstate Piano Removalists Services

    Whether you are planning to move your piano within Perth or to another state our removalists offer quick, safe and reliable services throughout Perth and its suburbs. Our piano movers ensure complete service coverage for piano removal requirements.

    We are the best piano movers in the Perth metropolitan region, South Perth, North Perth, and more regional suburbs. We collaborate with you to make sure your piano is delivered to its destination promptly and safely.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At Best Movers & Packers Perth, the average pricing for piano removal services is between $150- $500 for local moves. The cost depends on factors such as the type of piano, distance of transportation, and any additional services required. So interstate moves come at $2300 to $4300. We offer free, no-obligation quotes tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the investment required for your piano’s safe relocation.

    Our team employs a meticulous process to ensure the safe and secure relocation of your piano. This includes disassembly, professional packing using specialized materials, secure loading, transportation in specialized vehicles equipped for piano transport, and careful unloading and reassembly at the destination. Our goal is to minimize any risk of damage and ensure your piano arrives in the same condition it left.

    Best Movers & Packers Perth is dedicated to providing top-notch piano removal services in Perth. Our team is highly trained, experienced, and equipped with the right tools for safe piano transportation. We prioritize the protection of your instrument, offer competitive pricing, and provide a seamless and stress-free experience for our customers. Choose us for reliability, professionalism, and a commitment to the utmost care for your piano.

    While your presence is preferred, we understand that scheduling conflicts may arise. We can coordinate with you or a designated representative for both pickup and delivery. Communication is key, and we’ll keep you informed throughout the process, ensuring a smooth transition for your piano.

    Our team at Best Movers & Packers Perth comprises professionals with extensive experience in piano removals. All have more than 5-10 years of experience. We understand the nuances of handling different types of pianos and have successfully executed numerous relocations. Rest assured, your piano is in capable hands with our expert team.

    Yes, we provide insurance coverage specifically designed to safeguard your piano during transportation. Our insurance options offer peace of mind, covering any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the relocation process. You can discuss the insurance details and options with our team when obtaining your quote.

    While the weight and size of pianos may contribute to the overall cost, we factor these elements into our initial quote. Our goal is to be transparent about all potential costs associated with your piano removal. If there are any additional considerations specific to your situation, we’ll discuss them with you during the quote process to ensure complete clarity and avoid any surprises.

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