Cost Of Office Removals

How Much Does It Cost to Relocate an Office?

Relocating your office from a well-settled area requires a lot of effort. Planning your office move without experts can be daunting. That is why, most people choose to hire office relocation experts who can manage everything from packing, loading, and transportation to unloading and unpacking. However, this comes at some premium costs that are a concern for many people. Here we are with a cost guide that can help you plan your office relocation in a budget-friendly way. By the end of this, you will be aware of various costs associated with office moves, the factors affecting them and how to manage the budget for your move.

Cost Of Office Removals

How Much Does Office Removal Cost?

In recent years, we have seen the average office removal cost between $60/hr-$100/hr in the different cities of Australia. Factors such as location, distance, item volume, and services are the main reasons behind the fluctuation in prices. In different cities, you will find different average rates in the given range.

New South Wales (NSW):

The average office removal cost is $83/hr for businesses in NSW. Most businesses choose experts for their office removal needs who can manage packing, loading, transportation and unloading.


Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. This city is the target location for many businesses. Most offices in this region are relocated by expert removalists. The state with long coastlines has an average cost lower than NSW which is $71/hr.


The state with Melbourne as its capital is a hub for businesses and offices of all categories. Many movers claim 10-15 daily business opportunities for themselves. The average moving cost is $90/hr. The higher demand for services in the region means higher costs for people.

In other states like Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, South Australia and Nothern Territory, also the average cost is between $70/hr-$90/hr.

What Is The Cost For Different Office Relocation Needs?

Basic Moves Loading, transportation, and unloading $500 – $1,500
Packing Materials Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. $100 – $500
Packing Services Professional packing of office items. $300 – $1,000
Furniture Disassembly/Assembly If required for larger items. $100 – $300
Specialized Equipment Handling of sensitive equipment or specialty items. $200 – $500
Storage Facility A secure place for storage in a warehouse $50 – $200 per month

What Decides The Office Relocation Cost?

  • Distance Of The Move:
  • Long-distance relocations require more money than short-distance moves due to the requirement for more resources and safety. There are additional care and actions needed for long-distance moves. The local moves cost between $300-$700 while interstate moves can cost $2000-$3500. Many movers charge hourly rates. This is also in line with the distance of the move which means a longer distance will take more time.

  • Total Load:
  • The total load of items that need to be moved is also a major factor in deciding your moving costs. Workplaces with more furniture, equipment, and supplies require more resources for the move so bigger office moves will cost more than smaller office moves. Many moving cost calculators have the volume of the load in option.

  • Required Services:
  • Every office move is different. All office owners do not ask for all services[packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking, assembly, disassembly, storage, insurance coverage, etc.]. So the price for a move is decided based on the asked services by the customers.

  • Special Items Care:
  • If your move includes special items that require extra care with cartons, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, protective cushioning, and labelling then you can expect some additional costs. This is a must for the protection of fragile and delicate items.

  • Time:
  • Office moves booked during peak seasons, typically summer or month-end, result in higher costs. Moving during off-peak times, from late September to early April, may cost you less. You can choose weekdays over weekends for lower rates but this may increase your office downtime.

  • Location
  • Every location has different average moving rates. This is because of local market conditions and costs in terms of packing supplies, labour costs, fuel charges, toll taxes and other regional considerations that a mover has to consider during office moves.

How To Manage Office Relocation in Low Costs?

Manage Office Relocation in Low Costs

  • Have a clear plan: You must have a clear plan for your office relocation to manage every aspect of your move saving you money in various forms.
  • Solve Timing Issue: You must schedule your office relocation during times when you can hire movers at lower rates and also your office downtime is minimal.
  • Downsize Your Move: Arrange your office move with your team and downsize your move. You may find some items that can be discarded now. You may sell or donate those items. This reduces the move size and you may get some amount for selling your items.
  • Compare Quotes: You must get quotes from at least 2-3 moving companies to hire the best movers in your area at reasonable prices.
  • Check For Tax Benefits: If your move size is big this may become part of tax benefits. You can check out about this with your accountant and if required you must keep a record of your relocation expenses.


Now it must be easy for you to identify your moving expenses and needs, so you can plan your relocation seamlessly. You must consider your needs comprehensively to decide the budget for your office relocation. For a better understanding of the costs and resources for your relocation, you must consider your local experts.

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