What Is A Removalist Call-Out Fee?

Removalist call-out fee? Explained

Moving to a new house can be stressful work if not planned perfectly. A perfectly planned move is exciting for you and the moving company. Hiring the right removalist is one of the most important steps in your move. Before you hire any moving company, it is important to understand the call-out fee and the average call-out fee of the moving companies. There are various aspects through which Removalists In Perth charge the call-out fee. To know in detail about the call-out fee of removalists, read this blog till the end.
Removalist Call Out Fee

What is a removalist call-out fee?

Before knowing the call-out fee for removalists in Australia, it’s important to understand what a call-out fee is. A call-out fee is a charge that you pay to the removalist when they come to your home for a survey. This fee is not fixed. It all depends on some factors, such as the duration of the visit and the effort required by the experts to attend your residential or commercial place. The call-out fee typically covers the cost of the survey; you should know that it does not include any additional services.

After the survey, the removalists prepare a detailed quote that outlines the complete cost of the services they will carry out for your move. This quote outlines their expertise, what their charges are for their work, and what specific services they offer throughout the entire relocation process. Call-out fees include expenses like fuel and staffing, sometimes referred to as booking or administration fees, essential for logistical support.

If you’re considering hiring a removalist, you must agree on the call-out fee and clarify what’s included before making final decisions. This ensures no misunderstandings between both parties.

Other trade persons, such as plumbers, electricians, and mechanics, also charge call-out fees for their services, similar to removalists.

Removalists Call-out Fee in Australia

The average call-out fee for removalists in Australia is $99 and it can again vary from company to company. Various factors can affect the cost of hiring removalists.

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Call-Out Fees According to Different States

State Call-Out Fee Range Fo Removal Services
Western Australia $80 to $120
South Australia $80 to $140
Tasmania $100 to $130
Australian Capital Territory $90-$150

Different types of call-out fees

Call-out fees are the type of way that any removalists or service providers charge you. Here are the different call-out fees mentioned below:

  • Flat Rate Fees: Flat rate fees are simple. Many moving companies charge a flat rate for moving your entire house. This type of service is typical for big moves that require a full day or more to complete. The movers set their fees based on the expected duration of the job.
  • Per-Minute Rates: Some moving companies in Australia charge based on the time they spend during the call-out. This can be good if the assessment is quick, but if it takes a long time, it can get expensive. Make sure you clarify their rate per minute so you know what to expect.
  • Hourly Rates: This method charges based on the time removalists spend at your place. It can be flexible for complicated assessments. It’s important to check the hourly rate and estimate how long the move will take to know the costs in advance.

Essential Questions to Ask Your Removalist About Call-Out Fees

When you discuss call-out fees with your removalist, make sure you ask these things to ensure clarity and transparency:

  • Coverage Details: Ask the removalists about every aspect of the call-out fee and request a written quote to avoid hidden costs and surprises.
  • Minimum Charge: You can inquire about their minimum charge.
  • Employment Status: You should know if they are permanent employees or contractors. Consider permanent employees who usually provide more reliable service.
  • Expertise: You can also ask them about years of experience in this field.

Tips for Managing Removalist Costs

  • Always get quotes from at least 4 to 5 moving companies. You can compare their pricing and the level of services they offer. This way you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.
  • Know exactly what services are included in the moving company’s quote to avoid unexpected expenses later.
  • You can schedule your move in advance to get the date you want, possibly lowering the cost. This will help you stay within your budget and avoid last-minute expenses.
  • Plan your move during off-peak times (such as weekdays or outside the busy summer months). Moving companies often charge less during these periods, which can help you save money.


The cost of hiring a removalist has many factors involved. Based on different cities, and types the call-out fee of a removalist might differ. Before hiring Interstate Removalists Perth or any other mover, it is important to understand everything about the call-out fee and other prices the moving company takes. The various call-out fees include hourly rates, per-minute rates and rates per move. Get proper details and knowledge and after comparing the quotes and prices, hire the best removalist for a smooth move. Your knowledge can help you save many dollars.