Family-Friendly Suburbs Perth

Top 5 Family – Friendly Suburbs in Perth

Perth, with a median price of $228,000 for new land, is the least expensive capital city in Australia. Compared to comparable cities like Melbourne ($382,125) and Sydney ($716,381), this is substantially cheaper. Even though home values across the country have declined, Perth’s real estate market has performed admirably.

Choosing the ideal family home involves more than just the building; it also involves locating the best nearby schools, and facilities. Perth, which was just named Australia’s most reasonably priced city, provides steady real estate during the country’s economic downturn.

Top 5 Family-Friendly Suburbs in Perth

Suburban areas such as Subiaco, Harrisdale, Byford, Madeley, and Willetton are popular choices as Family-Friendly Suburbs Perth. Looking for a perfect place to live in Perth, where the real estate market is still steady? We’ve put together a list of the top 5 family-friendly suburbs based on our decades of experience in the area to assist you in making an informed choice. Let’s explore.

What Makes a Suburb Family-Friendly?

When selecting a family-friendly area, a few key considerations come first. Making sure your kids have close access to good schools is important for ensuring that they have educational chances. A secure atmosphere for families is produced by low crime rates. Surrounding parks, leisure pursuits, and other facilities all contribute to a suburb’s allure. Safety is crucial because it encourages active transportation and offers a safe space for children to ride their bikes or walk to school. Atleast, you can check these aspects.

  • Access to Schools: Proximity to quality schools is crucial. Subiaco, and Willetton, are highlighted for hosting some of Perth’s top schools.
  • Safety: Low crime rates contribute to a family-friendly atmosphere, encouraging active transport and outdoor activities.
  • Sun Safety: Suburbs with good tree canopy cover provide a safe outdoor environment for children.
  • Housing Options: Larger lots, multiple living zones, and adult separation are sought-after features. Suburbs like Dalkeith, Nedlands, Claremont, Floreat, and Attadale cater well to these preferences.
  • Community Amenities: Besides schools and safety, family-friendly suburbs boast recreational activities, convenient transport options, shopping centres, affordable housing, and a strong community spirit.

Exploring the Top 5 Family-Friendly Suburbs Perth

Not able to decide which suburb will be suitable for your family, check this list of Family-Friendly Suburbs Perth and decide where you can go.

  • Subiaco: A Green Oasis Near the CBD
    Just five miles from the CBD and tucked away next to the well-known Kings Park, Subiaco is a wonderful place for families. Some of Perth’s top schools, including St. Mary’s College, Wesley College, and Perth Modern School, are easily accessible from this area. Subiaco has a wide range of housing possibilities, ranging from apartments with a median price of $520,000 to roomy mansions with three or four bedrooms. Families can enjoy an attractive and secure atmosphere in Subiaco, which is home to large parks like Francis Street Park and Subiaco Oval. It’s a great place to raise kids because of the low crime rate.
  • Harrisdale: A Vibrant Community for Young Families
    Harrisdale, which is 20 kilometres from Perth City, is becoming a sought-after destination for young families and working adults. It’s a hotspot for education, home to esteemed institutions including Harrisdale Primary School and Senior High School. Homes in Harrisdale are both roomy and reasonably priced; a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home can be found for $620,000, with an average weekly rent of $590. This area takes great satisfaction in having low crime rates, which makes it a secure place for families. Bright features, such as parks like Southern River Regional Park and Kojonup Park, add to Harrisdale’s allure for families.
  • Byford: Where Nature and Urban Living Coexist
    Travelling yet farther south, Byford offers expanding families a laid-back lifestyle with its rural charm and rich history. Byford blends nature with urban living with its cycling and hiking routes, public open spaces, and natural areas. The town centre elevates the suburban experience with its array of necessary services, diverse retail choices, and top-notch health and wellness specialists. Byford’s affordability is shown in its median price of $48,000 for a house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. When Byford gains access to public transit, METRONET will make the area an even more appealing choice for families.
  • Madeley: A Thriving Suburb North of the River
    Madeley, a bustling area 20 miles north of the central business district, draws in young families and working people. At an average cost of $695,000, a house is an affordable option. Madeley promotes a relaxed lifestyle by providing lots of open areas for families with children to enjoy. Famous educational institutions like Madeley Senior High School and Madeley Primary School are located in the suburb, guaranteeing its citizens a top-notch education. Madeley has accessible travel alternatives with easy access to train facilities and highways such as the Mitchell Motorway.
  • Willetton: Affordable Living on the Southern Side
    Located on the southern edge, Willetton has grown to be a well-liked option for families looking for large homes. At a median home price of $904,500 and a median flat price of $555,000, Willetton provides affordability without sacrificing convenience. The area is the perfect place to work and commute every day because it is only a few minutes from the central business district. Renowned educational institutions like Willetton Senior High School and Rossmoyne Senior High School are located in Willetton. Large parks and playgrounds, such as Riverton Lakes and Willetton Park, are open for families to explore.

Family-Friendly Suburbs Perth: Key Takeaways

Perth has a variety of stable, family-friendly areas. To choose the suburb that best meets the needs and tastes of your family, conduct in-depth market research. Perth offers a suburb for every kind of family, whether it’s the green haven of Subiaco, the hub for young families in Harrisdale, the mix of country and city life in Byford, the vibrant community of Madeley, or the roomy living of Willetton.
Relocating to Family-Friendly Suburbs Perth offers a hospitable society, first-rate schools, top-notch medical facilities, and a lively cultural scene in addition to reasonable homes. To live comfortably and enjoyably, embrace the suburban lifestyle and take advantage of Perth’s family-friendly suburbs.