Donate Furniture Perth

Donate Furniture to Charity In Perth

Are you looking to declutter your home? Donating furniture to a charity in Perth is a perfect way to give back and ensure that your items find a new home where they will be used and truly appreciated. Donating furniture or household items is the best thing to do when moving houses or renovating them. Those items may no longer be useful to you but could be useful to others.

Donate Furniture to Charity In Perth

By donating furniture to charity, you can spread positivity in society. This decision will have a positive and impactful effect on your life. You will feel rewarded after donating your things to charity. You can help the people who need those items by donating furniture. By doing so, you can promote sustainability by reducing waste. It’s all up to you; you can extend the life of your household goods and support the community just by donating furniture. Furniture, such as couches, tables, sofa bed frames, and many more. Believe it or not, your donation can make a real difference. In this blog, we will guide you on how to declutter responsibly while also helping others in the process.

Why Donate Furniture?

  • You will be able to help those people in need of furniture and essential household items. You can turn their houses into homes.
  • By donating, you can reduce your environmental impact by encouraging reuse and cutting down on trash.
  • Donating furniture to charity has a significant impact because the proceeds raised go toward funding local initiatives. Your donation makes a difference.

Where To Donate Furniture In Perth?

If you are living in Perth, you have plenty of options to donate your furniture. There are so many charities and organisations in Perth that are willing to accept your furniture donation. Here is a list of charities or organizations where you can donate your old furniture.

Where To Donate Furniture In Perth


Reputable charity GIVIT is located in Perth and works to match donations with needy people and families. You can visit their website, where they showcase the list of items that are needed by charity agencies in Australia. This list includes the items that people are looking for, along with their locations. This list can be customized according to your preference for either booking a convenient pick-up service or just dropping off things. If you want to donate any furniture listed on their website, you can choose to drop it off at a charity near you visit this page or have it collected from your location.

2. Salvos

Salvos accepts donations of both small as well as large or bulky items across Perth and throughout Australia. If you have small items to donate, you can directly visit their stores. But if you have larger or bulky furniture, you can book a collection appointment through their website and they will happily arrange a pick-up for you. Do you know what is good about Salvos? They donate all of their sales profits (100% profits) to Salvation Army initiatives that assist needy people and families. They ensure that every purchase or donation directly benefits the community.

3. Anglicare WA

Anglicare WA is a charitable organisation that accepts bulky furniture (bed frames), clothes that are in good condition, and other household items. You can visit their website to see a list of items that are acceptable for donation. You can donate your furniture to Op Shops or have them collected at your convenience.

4. Friends with Dignity

Across the nation, Friends With Dignity provides essential support for victims and their families of domestic violence. They collaborate with community services to offer support in rebuilding lives and assisting refugees. Visit their page to find out how you can donate old décor, bicycles, or old furniture like baby cots to help out. They are a referral-based organization that supports individuals and families in Perth who have separated from relationships that are violent by posting specific needs on Facebook. You can read instructions on their page for properly donating your old furniture.

5. Good Samaritan Industries

Good Samaritan Industries help homeless and impoverished women as well as individuals with disabilities. Through their website, they provide free furniture collections and accept donations of clothing and other items. People with disabilities can apply for work at their Home Collections division in Perth. For furniture donations, arrange a pick-up by completing an online form.

6. Buy Nothing Project

The Buy Nothing Project is an international social movement that promotes a gift economy in which products are freely shared rather than purchased. It originated in Washington and swiftly spread over the world, with over 50 local organizations participating in Perth. It’s simple to join; just browse their page, search for a local community group on Facebook, and start donating furniture in Perth to clear your space while connecting with like-minded people.

7. Starting Over Support

Starting Over Support (SOS) assists individuals and families in need of furniture and household items. They help needy people in the process of rebuilding their lives by providing items. They virtually accept any old furniture, electrical appliances in good working order, and other essential household items. If you want to donate your furniture for a good cause, you can contact SOS so that they can collect your furniture from your home. You can visit their donation page for more details.

How to Donate Furniture in Perth?

How to Donate Furniture in Perth

  • Visit the charity website to find out what they accept and how to donate.
  • Arrange the furniture pickup or delivery to comply with the charity’s requirements.
  • Giving away your furniture will rejuvenate it and help people in need, having a beneficial effect on the community.


Donating furniture in Perth is a meaningful way to declutter while supporting those in need. Choose a charity that resonates with you, follow their donation process, and make a positive impact by giving your furniture a new life in the community.